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Counterintelligence Support Specialist

Fayetteville, NC, US

Job Type


About the Role

The candidate will complete counterintelligence examinations on personnel assigned to or working on Government client programs in accordance with directives and policies governing the conduct of in-depth personnel security interviews, equipment and methods. The candidate will document appropriate information, conduct assessments, and develop detailed written reports for submission to the client for adjudication.


  • Knowledge of the psychological and physiological aspects of conducting credibility assessments; 

  • Knowledge of interview techniques, equipment use, report analysis, and interpretation; 

  • Knowledge of how to conduct in-depth personnel interviews and appropriate/effective methods of questioning; 

  • Knowledge of biometric collection equipment and their associated networks and systems; 

  • Ability to identify inconsistencies with subject background information and make corrections; 

  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; 

  • Ability to maintain a high level of ethical standards.

About the Company

Walsingham Group provides comprehensive service capabilities in operations and maintenance; energy and fuel management; infrastructure and logistics; training solutions; and intelligence support.

With demonstrated experience supporting contracts within and outside of the United States, Walsingham brings a unique blend of worldwide logistics, broad operational staffing, and the expertise to manage government-owned contractor-operated facilities.

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