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Pararescue (PJ) Instructor

Kirtland Air Force Base- 351 BA SWTS, Albuquerque, NM, US

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The objective of this position is to provide influential leadership training, mentorship, coaching, strategic guidance, and professional development to support the progression of Pararescuemen (PJs) and Combat Rescue Officers (CROs) within the 351st Special Warfare Training Squadron (SWTS).


  • Role and Responsibilities

    • Provides pipeline-specific technical qualification training for the 351st SWTS Pararescue (PJ) and Combat Rescue Officers (CROs) personnel.

    • Provides expertise and skillsets, as required to the Special Warfare career field training program.

    • Provide information, background experience, and other services necessary for each student to successfully complete each block and phase of training IAW AETC directives and operating instructions.

    • Identify training requirements, development, use of training aids, and various methods/ techniques of instruction. Effectively apply specialized subject matter knowledge in course instruction.

    • Accurately describe student performance and take timely and effective action to correct and document each deficiency.

    • Provide instruction for Airborne Operations, Alternate Insertion and Extraction (AIEs) methods, Technical Rope Rescue, Small Unit Tactics, Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Land Navigation, Operational Prep of the Environment (OPE), Assault Zone Operations, Personnel Recovery, Survey Techniques (Landing Zone/Drop Zone/Helicopter Landing Zone/Forward Area Arming and Refueling Point), Special Ops Mission Planning (SOMP), Light and Heavy Weapons, Tactical medicine, and Full Mission Profile Events.

    • Handle munitions and small arms when instructing students. Instructors may demonstrate weapons fire on light and heavy weapons systems and shall ensure safe training operations.

    • Other duties as assigned.

    Qualifications and Education Requirements

    • Minimum 2-year degree (associate degree) required 

    • Current Secret security clearance or higher (ability to obtain)

    • Graduate of Special Operations Pipeline (Pararescue, CCT, 18 series, SEAL, etc.)

    • Deployments within the last 10 years/or other named Contingency operations as a member of a Special Operations Organization

    • Five (5) years of experience supporting SOF military training scenarios

    •  Weapons employment 

      • Possess operational familiarity/training with respect to operating live fire shooting ranges in the last ten (10) years. 

      • Possess knowledge of the safety associated with firing pistols and rifles in a controlled environment.

    • Land navigation using both digital/GPS and analog (map & compass w protractor) nav aids

    • Airborne qualified  

      • Military Freefall Jump Master

      • Static-Line Jump Master


    Preferred Experience

    • AETC Special Warfare Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) Preferred or service equivalent

    • Rotary wing Operations 

      • AIE Master, SPIES/FRIES, and/or fast rope master qualified

    • Technical roped rescue

    • Tactical vehicle operations (DAGOT, SXV, MRZR). Possess a current driving license acceptable in the state of performance

    • Tactical radio and ATAK basics

    • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

    • Special Operations Medic qualified

      • 5 or 7 level Pararescueman

      • Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D)

      • Special Operations Combat Medic

    • Tactical medicine

    • Nationally registered paramedic

    Physical Demands

    • Shall be able to lift and carry over 60 pounds without fatigue or physical strain or stress that will cause injury.

    • Shall be able to safely maneuver through field environment.

    • Shall be able to stand for 4-hour intervals at a time outdoors, shall be able to maintain mobility (to include running) in a field environment.

    • Able to walk cross-country (uneven, rocky, sandy, and water obstacles) in all weather conditions during day, night, and low visibility periods.

    • Able to operate outside of a normal office environment where restrooms and wash facilities are not available.

    • Able to be transported in government provided ground vehicles and/or military aviation.

About the Company

F3EA, Inc. offers a complete benefit package for all full-time positions to include health, dental, and vision plan options, life insurance for employees, spouse and children, short term disability, long term disability, Paid Time Offer, Paid Sick Leave, paid holidays, 401k, etc.

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