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Ways to Give

The following are other ways individuals, corporations, and foundations can support the Combat Control Association

Cash.  Write a check payable to the Combat Control Association and mail it to PO Box 432, Mary Esther, FL 32569-0432.

Credit Card.  CCA accepts all major credit cards. The preferred way for credit card donations would be through the CCA website. However, you can email us at and we will set up a time to take your card information over the phone.

Recurring gifts are encouraged as they provide regular funds for Combat Control Association's work with a lesser financial impact on the donor.

Appreciated Stock.  Please see the example:

  1. You purchased 100 shares of stock 10 years ago

    1. Purchase price: $ 25.00 x 100 = $ 2,500.00

    2. Stock value after 10 years: $ 125.00 x 100 = $ 12,500.00

  2. Donor wants to give $5,000 to the Combat Control Association (instead of cash s/he can give)

    1. 40 shares of stock

    2. $ 125.00 40 $ 5,000.00.

  3. Donor’s cost of the 40 shares $ 1,000.00

  4. Donor provides a $5,000 donation to CCA (and does not have to pay capital gains tax)

  5. Please email us at and we will set up a time to coordinate the transfer.

Gifts-in-kind.  The most common use of this gift is when people donate items for an auction, raffle, reunion, or event. A letter needs to come from the donor detailing the gift and the cost of the gift. Combat Control Association does not establish the cost of a gift-in-kind. 

Non-cash gifts.  These items include cars, boats, land, and the like. When an item like this is offered, the Combat Control Association Board will review and decide if it can accept the gift.

Estate Gifts.  Leave a gift to the Combat Control Association upon your death. There are many options here. 

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