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The Combat Control Association proudly presents the SRA Mark Forester Scholarship awardees. Each year, each recipient was awarded a financial scholarship to continue their studies.

2022 Awardees:

Ashleigh Martens

Public Health

I am so pleased and honored to have received this scholarship. I will be using this money to help me pay my tuition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This money should cover one semester’s tuition at UNC which relieves a huge amount of weight off me and my family. I am studying Medical Anthropology and Neuroscience and will be graduating in 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After undergrad, I plan on studying Health Policy and Management, in order to get my Masters in Public Health.

Ashtynn Lubben

Marine Biology

My name is Ashtynn Lubben, I am 18 years old, and a freshman at Florida Atlantic University. I am majoring in Biological Sciences, concentrating in Marine Biology. Hopefully in the near future a internship will become available to start gaining experience in the field. I am planning to graduate with my Bachelors and continue on to graduate school to eventually receive a Masters Degree. After school I plan to use my degree and experience to get a job as a Shark Biologist. I hope to make a name for myself and create my own shark conservation group.


Caelan McHarney


I recently started my freshman year at St. Lawrence University in Canton New York. At St. Lawrence I will be playing basketball and running track. I am so thankful I received this scholarship and I will be putting it towards my tuition! 


Jamieson Clancy

Environmental Science

I am an environmental science major on the pre-veterinarian track at Auburn University. The scholarship I was so generously awarded will absolutely help with out of state tuition so I can continue on my path to a profession I love at the college I love. I will be able to spend my life helping animals and their owners, and I couldn’t ask for more!


Kaeulana Forehand

I am so happy to have this opportunity, I will be using this scholarship to help pay for student housing. This will bring me closer to my school so I can fully immerse myself in my academic pursuits as a student.


Keidyn Belt

Environmental Science

I am currently starting my first semester of college at Montana State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. After I graduate I plan to work in climate change prevention. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and am honored to have been selected.


Rance Pittman

I plan to use the money that I have received from this scholarship and put it towards the rest of my schooling. Whether it’s to help with the loan I need to pay this year, or physical therapy school this money is going to help me tremendously. I want to thank every person that made this decision, it means the world to me.


Samantha James

Business Administration

My name is Samantha Snyder and I am a proud recipient of the Mark Forester Scholarship. With this award and support from the Combat Control community I will be using this scholarship to help pay tuition costs at the University of New Hampshire. Where, I will be earning an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and exploring different avenues for a career. This award has given me the chance to make my way into the world and I am beyond excited for the next few years at the University of New Hampshire. Thank you, to the Combat Control Association for being invested in the future of this generation.


Taryn Pittman

Clinical Psychology

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in awarding me with this scholarship, and to my friends and family that encouraged me to apply. I plan on investing and saving the money to prepare myself for the next stage of my education: obtaining a PhD in Clinical Psychology. As an advocate of mental health and a witness to the importance of psychological treatment, I’m hoping to give back to the field and community that I’m so passionate about through my career. This money is going to help me tremendously in achieving this goal, so thank you again for the support.


Travis Schindler

Statistics and Data Sciences

My name is Travis Schindler and I am enrolled with University of Texas at San Antonio. My ultimate goal is to graduate with Bachelor’s of Science in Statistics and Data Sciences. I have joined ROTC, Det 842, and plan to either obtain a Commission in the Air Force or enlist after I graduate. I am excited to see how college turns out and hope the ROTC department prepares me for my future in the armed forces.


2013 Winner:
Rhett Hitchcock

2014 Winners:
Nicholas Ognissanti
Rachel Pendergrass

2015 Winners:
Carolyn Barry 
Cody Dixon

2016 Winners:
Caroline Maki 
Sarah Schuyler
Katie Tudor 
Stephanie Gorski 

2017 Winners:
Melia Gross 
Melody Maki 
Noah Yoshida 
Ashton Paulson 
Whitney Spivey
Lori Barnett 
Hunter Millard

2018 Winners:
Kyle Knuth
Jenna Snyder
Mikayla West

2019 Winners:
Erin Freeman
Kelsey Stanbro
Shane Wright
Margaret Johnson

2020 Winners:
Andrew Connor
Sean Donlan
Patrice Gayle Egan
Alexandra Larkin

2021 Winners:
Alexis Grove
Landon Pittman
Jesse Dunn
Faith Jennrich

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