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JSOC Strategic Planner

Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Job Type

Senior Subject Matter Expert

About the Role

Senior subject matter expert on national and Department of Defense (DOD) policy, strategy, and joint strategic and operational planning within Joint Special Operations Command J5 Directorate.


Leads JSOC policy efforts within DOD, including US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Joint Staff, and Office of the Secretary of Defense, other U.S. Government departments and agencies, and the National Security Council, collaborating in the development of Presidential directives as part of the National Security process, Guidance for Employment of the Force, JSOC Charter, and other DOD and national policy documents. Develops JSOC strategic guidance for the commander and subordinate units to provide focus for development and employment of the force and ensure compliance with the President and Secretary of Defense policies and strategies.

About the Company

Lock4 LLC strives to employ highly proficient, dependable individuals who value customers and their success. The majority of our staff have previous military, government, or intelligence backgrounds accompanied by experience worldwide. All employees bring their own specialized expertise obtained through education, training, or hands-on experience. When we hire, we look for suitable individuals who will enhance services to our customers.

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